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Design / Build - This is our preferred method of construction - no matter what type of project you envisions, design / build is always a great option.  Under this method of construction we will hand select design professionals to join with us to create a team to plan every detail of your project.  The goal is to use the considerable talents of all the team members to get the most for your construction dollar.



General Contractor - If your design team has already completed the design for your project, we will gladly use your plans to construct your facility.  Without fail, we will dissect the design during the bidding process and provide you with value engineering ideas to save you money.  We will contract with you on a lump sum basis or open our books to you so you can see how your money is being spent.  Our professional staff of building professionals will obsess over every detail from mobilization through move in.  Our goal is always to make the building process an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 



Construction Management - If you are facing a large or more complicated project, perhaps the best approach would be hiring A. P. Williams, Inc. as your Construction Manager.  Under this delivery method you hire us to act on your behalf to manage the design and construction process.  As the owner, you would be privy to all bids and other financial documents as well as be involved in all major decisions about the project.  It is very much like hiring a professional consultant to handle the planning and management of your construction needs.  Our knowledge and experience will benefit you in many ways.


architectural, structural & Site / Civil Design Management - How do you find the right architect and other professionals for your project?  For that matter, how do you know what design professionals you should be hiring for your specific job? Let us help you!  We have a relationship with many of the best designers in the area and can help put the right design team together to meet your needs.  We will act on your behalf to solicit competitive pricing and defining scopes of service to save you money.  Once the team is in place we will manage the design / development process through all of the hurdles of the governmental / local approval processes and keep the designers on schedule and under budget.



Development Consultants - We are developers.  We have successfully developed many pieces of ground in the Harrisburg area for our own use for both commercial and residential uses.  We understand and have experienced many of the hurdles and pitfalls of real estate development.  In addition to our own developments, we have been engaged as developers or development consultants by numerous owners and prominent developers in the region.  Our experience in all facets of building construction, site design and land use and development will pay off in huge dividends when you allow us to help you from the outset to develop your property.


residential Construction - One of our specialties at A. P. Williams, Inc. is the design, development and construction of townhomes.  We will work with you as a contractor or a partner to help you develop your property in the most profitable manner.  We presently have three separate townhome developments under construction in the Harrisburg Area ranging from the $180's to $300's.  We have the expertise to evaluate any property, review the applicable zoning ordinances and advise you on the potential best uses for your land.